DTE, Consumers Energy Audited by Michigan Public Service Commission

The State of Michigan is putting pressure on DTE and Consumers Energy after recent storms resulted in lengthy power outages as well as the death of a 14-year-old girl from contact with a downed power line.

The Michigan Public Service Commission, or MPSC, has ordered both energy companies to report on their compliance with regulations and past orders concerning utilities’ response to outages and downed power lines. Officials say that while work has been done, Michiganders still aren’t seeing the improvements to reliability and safety that they deserve. The MPSC has also ordered the hiring of a consultant to perform a third-party audit and review of both Consumers and DTE’s electric distribution system, including equipment and operations.

The Commission says the focus is on reducing the number and duration of power outages and improving safety, particularly reducing the risk of public contact with downed power lines.