Dow Event Center Undergoes Renovations for 2024 Memorial Cup

As the city of Saginaw gets ready for the Canadian Hockey League Memorial Cup next year, the Dow Event Center is making preparations of its own.

Construction on the center and the arena is already underway in a $9.3 million dollar renovation project. Upgrades include a new ceiling inside the arena, upgraded and additional suites, locker rooms, bathrooms, the addition of elevators, new lighting, new corner ice scoreboards and an LED ribbon wrapped around the upper level of the arena.
Saginaw Spirit President and Managing Partner Craig Goslin says one of the new features is a 24 foot by 10 foot curved LED display in the welcome atrium.

“It’s a really high-end product. It’s 3.9 millimeters, which is really a tight pixelization. When you walk in here, that thing’s gonna really jump at you,” said Goslin. “It’s going to have audio included in it too… So when you walk into the Atrium of the Dow, it’s going to be a real festive feel because of that.”

The Saginaw County Board of Commissioners approved the project in April. It’s funded primarily through a millage passed by Saginaw County voters in 2020.