A Boston doctor has been arrested and charged with allegedly masturbating and exposing himself while sitting next to 14-year-old teenage girl while flying. 

The doctor, identified by the United States Attorney’s Office in the District of Massachusetts as Sudipta Mohanty, 33, was charged on Thursday. A criminal complaint charged him with one count of “lewd, indecent and obscene acts while in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States,” which carries a punishment of up to 90 days in prison, up to one year of supervised release, and a fine of up to $5,000. Mohanty was arrested Thursday and released on conditions after an initial appearance in federal court in Boston.  

According to the charging documents, Mohanty, an internal medicine and primary care doctor in Boston, was allegedly seated next to a 14-year-old girl on a flight from Honolulu to Boston on May 27, 2022. The flight was operated by Hawaiian Airlines. The teen was traveling with her grandparents, who were seated nearby. 

Allegedly, Mohanty covered himself up to the neck with a blanket. The teen allegedly observed that his leg was bouncing up and down. Shortly after, the teenager observed that the blanket was on the floor and Mohanty was allegedly masturbating. After realizing what was going on, she moved herself to an empty seat in a different row, according to the charging documents. 

The teenager told her family about the incident after arriving in Boston. Law enforcement was notified. 

“Everyone, especially children, has the absolute right to not be exposed to lewd conduct when they are traveling,” said Acting United States Attorney Joshua S. Levy in a news release. “If you engage in the type of illicit behavior alleged here, you will be caught and held accountable wherever it happens.”