Do Not Eat Advisory Issued for Clark’s Marsh Area

Authorities are reminding hunters about an ongoing “Do Not Eat” advisory for deer and other game taken in an area south of Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says the Do Not Eat advisory remains in place for deer, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and aquatic and semi-aquatic mammals taken within 3 miles of Clark’s Marsh in Oscoda Township. A 2021 report found deer in that area are more likely to have PFAS contamination in their livers and muscle tissue. Officials say the chemicals have been associated with negative health effects like liver damage, high cholesterol, and reduced fertility. T

he original Do Not Eat advisory for deer was issued in 2018, and included a 5 mile radius around Clarks Marsh, which was reduced to 3 miles in 2021. For more information on fish and wild game consumption, visit