Dissent of the Day To My Sunday Show Rant

A listener emailed me this response to my “We Should Drug Test Poor People For This” rant on today’s First Day show on WSGW

Here you go:

Pat, your time spent at WSGW appears to be keeping you from completely falling over on your left side. You are now exposed to the side of the news that the conventional news media will not report, and actually distort by omitting details that are unflattering to the socialist agenda and the administration.
I did agree with much of what you ranted on today, including the banking system corruption, much of which is caused by the government favors given in return for their political contributions to the administration.  (In this respect, the establishments Republicans are grouped with the administration.)
Your view that Dodd-Frank was intended to help the country is misplaced, however. These two legislators were responsible for covering up and even finalizing the destruction of the home mortgage system. The basic premise of any borrowing is that both the lender and the borrower have the ability and the intention of the repayment of the loan. When this impossibility became obvious to the lenders, they hid the facts and used the system to transfer their risks to the public through the stock market.
You also were critical of the Tea Party for not being heard on important issues, but how could they? Except for Fox News and the “new media”, anything that can be considered in opposition to the administration stays hidden. The Tea Party does not refer to any organization, but is a broad based bunch of citizens that see us being driven away from what has allowed our people to prosper as the greatest country in the world. The terms socialists, progressives, and liberals have been used interchangeably for nearly a century to represent those that realize our constitution, religion, and strong family base must be destroyed to move to socialism.
The word “equality” is often used by the socialists. There is not such thing as “equal outcome”, but “equal opportunity” has been the reason for the success of our country and its citizens. All people are not equal in their abilities, intelligence, and motivation to improve themselves. Those that are not “equal” in motivation will migrate toward the government that promises to take care of them to get their political support. The end will come when the motivated hard workers stop giving their money to support the lazy, welfare minded.
When nearly half of our population is working to support the other half, it is evident that the system will fall apart and only the politically powerful will be able to live a good live at the expense of the masses.
While I thank the reader for their compliments on my open-mindedness, I completely and vehemently disagree with their assessment that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank destroyed the housing market, that people on welfare are lazy, and that progressives are bent on destroying the country.
The Tea Party, in my opinion, is fighting for the status quo by fighting for the continued abuses by Wall Street, rather than fighting for  the American people.
Oh, and I do enjoy my working hours at WSGW, too!


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