Digital Mitten Donates Mittens to ‘Mittens for the Mitten’

Children without mittens or gloves are often left without the ability to play on the playground during the winter months; but Saginaw-based Social media group, Digital Mitten, is trying to make sure that’s not so-much the case this year.

Digital Mitten President & CEO Jeff DeHaven says the group set aside a percentage of revenue from every invoice in 2021 to have custom, Michigan made, educational mittens produced to donate to Bay City Public School elementary students.

DeHaven said during Wednesday’s donation that they wanted “…to create an experience which immediately crushes shame with mittens that are sought after, not teased.”

Students in need who simply forgot, lost, or outright do not have the ability to purchase mittens can anonymously grab a pair and enjoy recess- free of charge.

The mittens, which will be available at every Bay City elementary school, will have a map on the back that can help teach kids about the state they live in. They also come with a small educational goodie pack to help deflect the stress of asking for help.

The donation is part of the Bay County Public Schools ‘Mittens for the Mitten’ initiative.