Detroit Tigers 2017: Predict the Season


Detroit Tigers baseball is back on WSGW 790am!   This year is the 50th consecutive year WSGW is your home for the Tigers.

The Tigers return a lineup basically the same as last year, including:   Kinsler, Cabrera, Castellanos, Martinez (both Victor and JD), Upton, Iglesias, Verlander, Zimmerman, Norris, Fulmer, Boyd, Sanchez, KRod.   And under the same manager, Brad Ausmus.

Last year, injuries took their toll.   This year, already JD Martinez will miss the start of the season.

POLL QUESTION:   How will the Tigers do in 2017?
– Below .500
– .500 or better, but miss the playoffs
– Play in the Wildcard game, but lose
– Play in the Division Series, but lose
– Play in the ALCS, but lose
– Play in the World Series, but lose
– World Series Champions

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