Despite TrumpCare Failure, The Fight To Enrich The Rich Marches On

Click to listen to another edition of the “Pat Political Point” from March 26, 2017 on WSGW’s First Day. Trumpcare was designed as a huge giveaway to the elites. It lost. But President Trump and his Republican allies are gearing-up to pass other legislation to enrich the rich.


For the past seven years, right wingers have been declaring Obamacare a disaster which must be destroyed. Despite millions of Americans receiving quality health care, an unemployment rate below five-percent, and corporations enjoying huge profits, somehow the right stuck to their self-imposed nightmarish fantasies that Obamacare was damaging the country.

That’s not to say Obamacare doesn’t have its drawbacks, it most certainly does. It wasn’t a perfect bill, but it could’ve been improved and, well, perfected. Provide greater subsidies for middle class families, force pharmaceutical companies to provide affordable medication, and maybe lower the Medicare age down to 50.

But no.

Americans had to endure seven years of a right-wing Congress bow down to its billionaire bundlers, and vote incessantly to repeal Obamacare.

Then, the moment the right wing and its elite financiers had been waiting for actually happened: Donald Trump–a fellow elite billionaire–won the White House.

The reckoning had come. Obamacare’s days were numbered.

However, Trump joined House Speaker Paul Ryan to create a bill that not only ripped-away coverage for millions of people, but reversed the money used to provide quality health insurance and funneled billions of dollars to their rich, elitist friends (like the Koch Brothers) living in the shadows of The Swamp.

Trump and Ryan couldn’t resist the chance to stick it to average Americans. They just couldn’t resist to find ways to flood their donors and friends at the top of the economic ladder with more riches.

I mean, the Trumpcare bill received just 17% support, according to a Quinnipiac Poll. The bill didn’t even get support from the Hurt Americans Caucus, otherwise known as the “Freedom Caucus,” because it didn’t take more away from everyday Americans.

As Charlie Pierce noted, that cult-like caucus demanded work requirements for Medicaid recipients. What a great idea from a group of clowns who work a total of 100 days, and receive the best health care coverage in the country!

But do you know which group supported the bill? Americans For Tax Reform.

Of course, it did!

Americans For Tax Reform are all about redistributing money to their elitist donors.

TrumpCare was supposed to do just that by providing around $600 billion in tax cuts directed mostly to the wealthy.

Quality health care coverage for 99% of Americans? Or hundreds of billions in tax breaks for the top one-percent?

It’s such a tough call, isn’t it? I mean, when you’re the President Of The United States, you’re supposed to be the president for just the billionaires, right?

An awakened American electorate saw through the ruse, thankfully, and put the pressure on their representatives to oppose the bill.

Millions of Americans have benefited so much from Obamacare, which is why the GOP pressed to keep some of its popular provisions, like banning insurance companies from refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

The right wing is now learning that, like The Great Charlie Pierce said, “Obamacare is now a pre-existing condition.

And while this is a great victory for Americans across the country, the fight to keep funneling money to the top continues.

Trump has indicated that so-called “tax reform” is the next step.

Trump and his billionaire allies will use the radio and television airwaves to convince struggling Americans that tax breaks for rich people will enrich their lives.

They’ll talk all about it on Fox News, and will probably convince many of their followers that if we just throw more and more cash at rich folk, it will trickle down their leg and hit those of us in the ground!

That’s what will be called, FREEDOM!

It’s the same playbook being used by right-wing groups like the Mackinaw Center For Public Policy from Midland, which is now complaining that Michigan contains too much regulation.

These same people claimed that passing major tax breaks for rich people, right-to-work-for-less laws, and expanding charter schools would revive Michigan’s economy. The state still has an unemployment rate above the national rate.

So, those ideas were epic fails.

Now, they are trying to convince people that gutting regulations will make Michigan a jobs juggernaut across the country.

Yes, Trumpcare failed. But the rich, elite, donor base isn’t giving up. They’re going to keep coming back for more, and they’re going to demand more, and more, and more. They’re going to use their talking head to convince you that enriching their lives will help you in the end.

They are banking on you to fall back into apathy. They are expecting it.

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