Democratic Leaders Calling For Michigan To Be A Blue State in November

Prescription drug prices are a big factor in America today. Congressman Dan Kildee illustrated the problem at Sunday’s Bay County Democrats annual chicken dinner.

His daughter was on vacation and needed some insulin. When he went to a drug store, he was told a vial of insulin would cost $900. A similar vial in Canada would cost $30. Kildee says the House of Representatives passed H R 3, to allow the federal government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare and other federal programs. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel is blocking any action on that bill and more than 300 other House bills, many with bipartisan support.

Kildee also criticized President Trump’s demand of complete loyalty to him by all federal employees.

Kildee said any of the Democratic presidential candidates will be good for the country. The Flint Township Democrat said the alternative, four more years of Trump, is unacceptable. Kildee said the focus should be about kitchen table issues. He describes those issues as affordable prescription drug costs, health care, a quality education, a livable wage and workers rights.