Efforts by Delta College to craft a proposed budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year are underway.

College Vice President of Business and Finance Sarah DuFresne says part of the work will involve reorganizing staff positions, given a number of planned retirements and departures. DuFresne added officials expect enrollment and class hours to be lower in the new budget that’s likely to be voted on in June.

She says Delta will have to make a concerted effort to boost enrollment in the long term, perhaps by appealing to older students looking for fast turnaround’s to  new careers.

Trustees will also evaluate President Jean Goodnow later this month. Final results expected to be released in June.

Board Chair Diane Middleton explained most of the President’s goals go beyond a single year, including efforts to develop the Saginaw and Midland satellite campuses, which are now well underway.