Deaths of Two Saginaw County Jail Inmates Under Investigation

Two men have died in separate incidents at the Saginaw County Jail recently.

The Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office says around 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 60-year-old Daniel Burns went quiet after talking and being disruptive in the medical unit of the jail. When staff checked on him, they found Burns was unresponsive. Outside medical personnel arrived to assist, but Burns was pronounced dead.

According to the sheriff’s office around 9:00 Monday evening, another man, 46-year-old Scott Babcock, went unresponsive about 20 minutes after receiving his evening medications from jail medical staff. Babcock’s general population cell mates notified corrections and medical personnel, who began treatment. Once again, an ambulance was called, but Babcock did not regain consciousness and was pronounced dead.

The sheriff’s office says both deaths are under investigation and autopsies have been scheduled.