▶ Watch Video: Multiple tornadoes tear through New Orleans area

At least two tornadoes tore through parts of New Orleans and the surrounding area Tuesday night. Officials said that at least two people were killed and several were injured.  

The town of Arabi, just east of New Orleans, was hit especially hard with homes knocked off their foundations and debris scattered far and wide. James Dickerson told CBS News he was sheltering with his toddler when the tornado touched down. 

“The house started shaking. And then, when it pulled the roof off, I was you know, sheltering him. And then it was pulling me off the ground,” he said.

Dickerson’s house is now in ruins. The tornado cut through parts of New Orleans and moved into nearby St. Bernard Parish. The damage in St. Bernard Parish is widespread. Power lines are down everywhere, streets are littered with debris that is pieces of nearby homes. 

“This is the porch of my friend’s house. It doesn’t have a roof anymore,” one resident said. 

This tornado spawned from the same system that originally started in Texas on Monday and caused extensive damage there and in Oklahoma. Three other states along the Gulf Coast also were impacted as the line of severe weather moved eastward. 

“You know, I’m just glad. Mostly everybody’s seems to be accounted for. I think that was a couple of issues, one block away from us. But other than that, you know, we’re safe,” one woman said. 

Local meteorologists believe that the destruction falls in line with an EF2 or EF3 tornado.