Deadline for Saginaw ARPA Survey September 7

There’s only a few days left for Saginaw residents to complete the survey about the $52 million in federal funding that the city will receive from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) legislation.

The official city of Saginaw ARPA survey will be available through Tuesday, September 7. To participate in the online survey, click here. Paper copies are also available in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 1315 S. Washington Ave. Room 102.

At the completion of the survey, results will be analyzed by city staff and Public Sector Consultants. The results will be presented at the Strategic Planning Session scheduled for 9 am on September 17, 2021 at the Temple Theatre, 201 N. Washington Ave.

The U.S. Treasury Department has limited the use of ARPA funds to the following areas:

  • To respond to the public health emergency or its negative economic impacts, including assistance to households, small businesses, and nonprofits, or aid to impacted industries such as tourism, travel, and hospitality
  • To respond to workers performing essential work during the COVID-19 public health emergency by providing premium pay to eligible workers
  • For the provision of government services to the extent of the reduction in revenue due to the COVID–19 public health emergency relative to revenues collected in the most recent full fiscal year prior to the emergency
  • To make necessary investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure.

City administration encourages the community to focus on recovery goals when completing the survey. The intended outcome is to align the community goals with the City Council’s strategic goals and objectives.

For questions regarding the September 17 Strategic Planning Session at the Temple Theatre, contact the City Manager’s Office at (989) 759-1401.