Damage Assessment Teams Touring Midland County Flood Sites

Damage assessment teams working with the Midland County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) are currently canvassing areas of Midland County to assess flood damage and assist property owners with completing the Midland County Flood Damage Assessment Tool.

These teams will ask property owners questions related to their flood damages only and will not require or ask anyone to sign documents as part of their data collection process. Team members will be wearing high-visibility vests and will not ask for any personal identification information such as social security numbers, household income or birthdates. These individuals are volunteers working in coordination with the EOC and are not affiliated with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Residents can visit the Flood Damage Assessment Tool link at cityofmidlandmi.gov, co.midland.mi.us or midland911.org. People without internet access can call 2-1-1.