Daily Pat Political Point–Water Is Rick Snyder’s Kryptonite, Part II–April 12, 2018

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April 12, 2018

Daily Pat Political Point. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder just can’t seem to do anything right when it comes to Michigan’s water. This week, he abruptly ended Flint’s free bottled water program, and is telling Flint to…trust him!!!


In another tone-deaf and startling move involving water policy, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder abruptly ended the bottled water program in Flint.

Snyder justified the move saying recent testing shows the water is healthy to consume once again.

But Flint isn’t buying it.

You remember Flint, right?

That’s the city Rick Snyder and his emergency managers ran on the cheap, including switching the drinking water from Lake Huron to the Flint River.

The Snyder-appointed emergency managers made the switch to save money, even though the Detroit Water Authority offered Flint a cheaper rate.

Officials made the switch to the Flint River without treating the water to prevent lead from leeching into the water system.

Now, what made this move a serious crime is that once state officials knew something was wrong, they did nothing.

Including Snyder.

Flint children who drank the poisoned water will forever deal with the Snyder regime’s inaction and indifference.

Old water pipes are finally being replaced, and testing is showing that the water quality is improving.

But Rick Snyder’s telling Flint residents they should trust him this time when he says the water is a-ok!

I guess, he’s hoping they’ll forget how tests last month revealed elevated levels of lead at Flint elementary schools!

Oh, and while Snyder says the water is fine, the state is still providing water filters for residents until the pipes are replaced.

Either the water is fine or it isn’t!

Ending the bottled water program is just the latest example of how Snyder and his business leadership style has failed Flint, and the rest of Michigan.


While taking away free bottled water in Flint, Snyder’s regime just granted Nestle the right to pump 400 gallons of pristine fresh water from Michigan’s groundwater table.


Hey, I’ve got an idea.

Since Nestle only had to pay a measly $200 to privatize more of our water, perhaps it should provide some free bottled water for Flint.

Rick Snyder hopes the Flint Water Crisis is water under the bridge.

But thanks to him, Michigan Republicans will be walking on a bridge over troubled waters this Fall.


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