Daily Pat Political Point–Toxic Masculinity Common Theme With Mass Shootings–May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

Daily Pat Political Point. We’re learning the Santa Fe shooter harassed a female classmate. She rejected his advances. She would later become one of his 10 victims. Toxic masculinity is too often the common theme with these killers. Refresh your screen if the sound clip doesn’t appear.


Here’s Part II of my commentary in the aftermath of the Santa Fe school massacre–the latest school shooting tragedy in America.

Conservatives and the National Rifle Association tried their best to blame everything other than guns after the Parkland high school massacre back in March.

One line of counterattack was victim-blaming.

That’s right.

They blamed the victims for supposedly bullying the shooter.

There’s no evidence of such, but that’s what conservatives hung their hats on to protect their dear guns.

After the Santa Fe shooting, conservatives tried running the same play by blaming the shooter’s victims for the tragedy.

The NRA released a video blaming bullying, and the nation’s “progressive” culture for creating “sexually frustrated” killers.

But we now know that the “bullying” narrative is a lie.

We know this because the mother of one of the victims told the true story.

Sadie Rodriguez told the L.A. Times how the shooter harassed her daughter, Shana, for about four months. Rodriguez says the shooter made repeated advances, and “she repeatedly said ‘No.'”

Finally, Shana had enough.

She apparently stood-up and embarrassed the shooter in front of his classmates to get him to stop harassing her.

We’re not too surprised to learn that Shana was one of the 10 who died in the massacre.

According to an Associated Press investigation in 2016, an average of 760 Americans are killed each year by a current or past romantic partner. And about “75% of the victims in domestic violence shootings are the current wives or girlfriends of the men who killed them.”

This is America.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

But millions have been programmed to revile feminism for decades on end.

That misogyny is strong in America isn’t a breaking story.

That it’s accepted is a tragedy.

Perhaps our social structure of misogyny illustrates why so many women are afraid to come forward if they’ve been harassed.

As usual, toxic masculinity is the main culprit that leads to needless violence.


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