Daily Pat Political Point–Snyder Had “Common Sense?”–June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

Daily Pat Political Point. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder hopes his successor follows his “common sense” approach. However, the evidence proves Snyder used common sense during his tenure.


Use common sense.

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder said those three words when giving advice to his successor at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference last week.

How the entire conference didn’t erupt in laughter is beyond me!

Common sense dictates that you refrain from using the stale, failed economic policies of the past.

Yet, Snyder stuck with conservative economic dogma by slashing corporate taxes while raising pension taxes on hard-working Michiganders.

Snyder enthusiastically signed-off to make Michigan a Right-To-Work-For-Less state despite evidence showing doing so would hurt wages.

He continued down the path of the DeVos Family’s failed for-profit charter school scheme, leading to over a billion dollars wasted with little to no oversight. Testing scores at these scores pale in comparison to their public school counterparts, yet we keep going down this path.

Snyder appointed emergency managers to take-over for democratically-elected city officials in cities like Flint, Benton Harbor, and Detroit.

But when voters rejected the emergency manager position, Snyder and his right-wing Republicans quickly passed another emergency manager bill giving even more authority to emergency managers.

That’s right. Snyder and his Republicans voted for bigger government rather than allowing locals to control their own fate.

It’s because of this czar-like power that emergency managers ignored the clear evidence that Flint citizens were drinking poisoned water.

Let’s not forget about the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline that’s deteriorating by the minute in the Straits of Mackinac. Snyder hasn’t done one thing to protect this state’s fresh water resources from a possible devastating oil disaster.

And finally, for as much as Snyder wants to pat himself on the back for slightly improving Michigan economy, it’s telling that Snyder never personally thanked President Barack Obama.

Snyder came into office with a state still intact thanks to Obama’s auto loans to save the auto industry!

Without those loans, Michigan would have floundered.

And there’s the irony.

It was Obama’s common sense solutions that rescued Michigan, not Rick Snyder’s reliance on the failed, old policies of the past!


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