Daily Pat Political Point–Paul Ryan’s Legacy–April 13, 2018

April 13, 2019

Daily Pat Political Point. House Speaker Paul Ryan is leaving politics before the shellacking his fellow Republicans face this coming November.


House Speaker Paul Ryan is leaving.

And America is better for it.

Ryan aligned himself with President Trump, especially when they passed the #GOPTaxScamBill.

And the Tax Scam Bill is not liked by a majority of Americans.

Ryan now sees the writing on the wall. This November won’t be a stellar one for the GOP, and he doesn’t want to be minority leader–or be House Speaker with a diminished majority. Besides, thanks to the tax breaks he and Trump championed for rich people, Ryan stands to benefit Big Time by rejoining the private sector.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Plus, deficits are ballooning thanks to the tax scam, in which shockingly, the powers that be will claim it’s time to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security (without acknowledging, of course, how Social Security does NOT contribute one penny to the deficits, or how expensive drug prices are driving Medicare costs higher).

Paul Ryan dream was to someday raise the Social Security age because he thought Americans weren’t already working too hard.

He’s retiring at 48 but wants the rest of us to work until 84.

Funny how that works.

Rush Limbaugh lauded Mitt Romney for selecting Ryan as his vice presidential candidate in 2012, declaring that Romney picked a guy who is “one of us!”

Limbaugh was so excited about Ryan in 2012 that Rush called him “the last Boy Scout.”

Ryan developed his right-wing worldview from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, a fictional tale about a libertarian Fantasyland.

And trust me, corporate donors loved shoveling cash Ryan’s way. The rich desperately longed for a return of the 1920’s, and needed an errand boy to tear down the very programs that made America great, like Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare.

Ryan had no problem taking that money from us and funneling it to his corporate masters.

He was indeed their “last Boy Scout.”

That was his main function.

Paul Ryan could’ve been a beloved politician who fought on behalf of everyday Americans.

Instead, Paul Ryan was nothing but a corporate, elitist, shrill.

Paul Ryan is leaving.

And America is rejoicing.


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