Daily Pat Political Point–Michigan’s Crumbling Down–March 12, 2018

March 12, 2018

The Daily Pat Political Point. Michigan’s infrastructure is in shambles. Maybe another tax cut will work! Not likely.


You don’t need me to tell you that Michigan’s roads really suck.

Any driver lives that reality whenever they leave Ohio’s smooth-sailing roads and cross onto Michigan’s legendary bumpy roadways.

Well, the American Society of Civil Engineers have confirmed what we already know.

According to their report, Michigan’s roads earned a big, fat D-plus.

That’s embarrassing.

And Michigan’s overall infrastructure received a “D” grade as stormwater drains, drinking water, and wastewater systems are nearing the end of their life cycles.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s 21st Century Infrastructure Council last January said Michigan needs to spend $4 billion over the next decade to bring the state’s roads, bridges, sewer, and communication systems up-to-date!

The American Society of Civil Engineers also reported back in 2016 that Americans will spend an average of $3,400 in disposable income per year if we ignore doing the necessary upgrades!

That’s a little more than most Americans will receive via the GOP Tax Scam Bill.

Michigan’s Republican legislature and Governor Snyder passed a $1.2.billion transportation bill last year.

But Michiganders won’t start to see those funds being used until 2022.

Because of that, Snyder and his Republicans just gave the o.k. for an additional $165 million for road upgrades.

Oh, goody!

More asphalt patching over asphalt patching!

What a perfect metaphor when describing Michigan’s failing infrastructure.

We need a World War II mentality to make America great again in terms of her infrastructure.

But Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidates apparently don’t live in reality, and are calling for more tax cuts!

Perhaps they’re hoping the money will trickle down to fill those pot holes!

We’ve cut and slashed our budgets to death, and now America is resembling Kansas where its tax-cuts for rich scheme left that state in shambles.

To make America great again, you must invest in America again. That means making roads and sewer pipes a higher priority over cutting some rich kid’s estate tax.


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