Daily Pat Political Point–Justice For Them–August 9, 2018

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August 9, 2018

Daily Pat Political Point. A Michigan legislature won’t face criminal charges for carrying an unregistered firearm into an airport. It pays to have privilege.


The second-ranking Republican in the Michigan House got in a little hot water for breaking the law.

Actually, it seems many Republicans across the country are getting in trouble with the law, but I digress.

Lee Chatfield has apologized for making what he deemed “an inexcusable mistake” when he left a handgun in a bag he was trying to carry through airport security!

Oh, hold on, there’s more.

According to The Detroit News, the gun was also…UNREGISTERED!

Chatfield thought all of his firearms were registered, but officials found this particular pistol was not on their file. So, law enforcement took possession of the gun and interviewed Chatfield.

Sounds like he’s in BIG trouble, doesn’t it?

Well, not quite.

The Emmett County Prosecutor–James Linderman–issued a statement saying that Representative Chatfield will NOT face criminal charges.


The prosecutor says, “The state law that refers to the presence of guns in an airport is not current with federal statute as to where in the airport that prohibition extends and is therefore, ‘unenforceable.'”

In other words, there are places inside an airport where people can carry unregistered guns.


Apparently, state law prohibits the carrying of a firearm into a “sterile area” of an airport.

However, the prosecutor says the federal code that once defined what constituted a “sterile area” has been amended, deleting that definition.

According to this prosecutor, there is no sterile area!

That means, I can bring guns into Michigan airports since they are un-sterile, or something like that.

Now, Representative Chatfield will still face a TSA fine, plus a civil fine for carrying an unregistered handgun.

But wait, there’s more.

The prosecutor has made campaign contributions to Chatfield! BUT, he claims that didn’t play a role in his decision not to file criminal charges.

Do you honestly believe that?

If you or I had made a similar “mistake,” I think circumstances would be different since this prosecutor didn’t make any contributions to me lately!

It’s a good thing Mr. Chatfield is a man who holds some sway.

Oh, by the way, Chatfield is in line to become the next House Speaker if Republicans retain control of the state House.

I can’t wait to hear Chatfield sanctimoniously lecture Michiganders how they must follow laws, and how they must take responsibility for their actions. Trust me. He will.

Here’s yet another example of why millions of Americans believe there’s law and order for one type of people, and then there’s law and order for the rest of us.

It pays to live…in the privileged world.

But such is life in The Swamp–Michigan Style!


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