Daily Pat Political Point–December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017

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Donald Trump can’t quit the National Football League.

Needing a distraction from the Russia investigation, or his fight to redistribute money from the middle class to people like him, Donald keeps tweeting about the NFL.

Donald says the American public is “fed-up” with some players who are kneeling during the National Anthem. And he’s certain that his followers will show their resolve by boycotting the league.

Donald’s followers point to a drop in both attendance and ratings as evidence that fans are indeed, “fed up.”

But as usual, facts get in the way of conservatives and their assumptions.

According to both the NFL and NBC, attendance is down one whole percent from last year, and 2016 proved to be the third highest total attendance number ever!

The snowflakes also point to lower TV ratings as further proof of the power of their boycott. Of course, NASCAR ratings are down, too, and drivers are forced to stand for the anthem before races.

Several journalists posted pictures showing a sparse crowd for the Thursday night Dallas Cowboys-Washington game. Who’d want to watch that game? Both teams are awful! And the football on Thursday night plan was never a good idea.

On the flip side, Heinz Field was packed for last Sunday’s Pittsburgh Steelers-Green Bay Packers contest, and ratings were up three-percent compared to a year ago for NBC.

Give the fans good football, they still show up.

Millions of Americans understand why some players are kneeling, and many believe in the American ideal of individualism.

Millions of Americans are equally downright sick at hearing some people cry about kneeling NFL players while they also decry the tearing down of Confederate flags and statues.

It appears more Americans have chosen to follow our nation’s time-honored constitutional protections rather than Trump.


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