Crime Stoppers of Bay City Awards Top Cop of 2022

Crime Stoppers of Bay City awarded Officer Brad Peter as Crime Stopper of the Year for 2022.

Officer Peter came from Kirtland Police Academy, where he was awarded 20 years ago for his performance as a police cadet. Now, he is being recognized for his achievements in Bay City. Officer Peter is part of Safe Streets, a task force that works with the FBI against violent crime and drug crime. Officer Peter also receives training from the FBI to investigate computer crimes. WSGW spoke with Caleb Rowell, the director of Bay City’s Department of Public Safety. Rowell praised Officer Peter’s work and history with Bay City, referring to him as a high producer for the police force, and that the award is long overdue for him.

Crime Stoppers of Bay City gave the award at the city commission of Bay City on April 17.