COVID-19 Delta Variant Detected in Saginaw, Tuscola Counties

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has now been confirmed in both Saginaw and Tuscola Counties. On July 7, Saginaw county had no COVID-19 cases or deaths, but as of Thursday, July 29, the county is looking at a 6.2 percent positivity rate that is slowly rising and 43.2 new cases per million, which is about eight or nine new cases per day. In the past two days, Saginaw County has recorded 40 new cases. The majority of the new cases are unvaccinated individuals.

“While this is far below any of the surge levels we experienced last fall or earlier this year, we need to be careful and not let our guard down,” said Saginaw County health officer Christina Harrington. “With school starting in some districts in less than a month, we would really like our schools to have a normal back- to-school experience.”

Tuscola County health officials said the person who tested positive for the Delta variant there was unvaccinated. Positive COVID-19 cases have also been on the rise in Tuscola County, and are averaging 5.6 percent per day. Tuscola County health officials said the Delta variant may be more widespread, since not all testing samples are sent out to identify the type of strain.

Officials remind people to frequently wash hands, stay home when you aren’t feeling well and wear a mask if unvaccinated.

“Today we know the Delta variant is here. We’ve suspected it has been here a while now,” Harrington explains. “The vast majority of people getting sick or being hospitalized are the unvaccinated. It’s time to get yours if you haven’t already.”