Consumers Energy Says Homeowners Should Clear Snow From Meters And Vents

Consumers Energy is reminding everyone to clear any furnace vents and utility meters of snow, after the past few days of wintry weather.

Spokeswoman Debra Dodd says Snow can build up near furnace exhaust vents, potentially causing, equipment failure, or even cause a backup of Carbon Monoxide into the home.

Ice and snow build up on natural gas and electric meters should also be monitored, as it could cause them to stop working- which would cut off service.

It’s recommended that all you do is wipe away the snow or gently remove any ice, as any tools or shovels could damage a home’s meter.

Dodd adds Consumers is working to make sure no one goes without heat, but Utility bills will likely will be higher than normal for the month of February.

Anyone with concerns about their ability to pay their bill can contact Consumers at 1-800-477-5050 for information on payment plans or assistance.