Consumers Energy and DTE Energy Announce “MI Community Solar”

Michigan’s two largest energy providers launched “MI Community Solar” on Monday. The two companies are calling it a “first-in-the-nation education campaign to promote the efforts of large and diverse communities of Michiganders going solar together. “

The project is aimed at educating Michigan residents about existing and future opportunities to participate in renewable energy programs through a responsibly regulated and shared energy system.  

The two companies are investing billions of dollars into new community solar projects over the next few years, with more in the pipeline. MI Community Solar programs, include  Consumers Energy’s Solar Gardens in three locations throughout Michigan,  and DTE’s MIGreenPower, which provide clean energy for a few dollars a month. Consumers Energy officials said customers can purchase blocks in a solar garden for $9.00 each per month. A credit is returned to the customer’s bill based on the amount of energy generated that month, and the current market rates. That has been averaging $4.40 per month, according to the company.

MI Community Solar is an inclusive, equitable approach to building a community of solar participants, powered by all of us and supporting a greener future for Michigan,” said Sarah Nielsen with Consumers Energy. “We’re also building sustainable communities by supporting good union jobs going to local workers – because we must ensure that the transition to a green economy is just, and that workers are not left behind.”

MI Community Solar is not just about the great work we’re doing today to build communities of solar users; it’s about more solar projects to come from DTE and other Michigan energy companies,” said Brian Calka, director of renewable energy solutions at DTE Energy. “Non-regulated local energy projects have the potential to drive higher costs to Michigan consumers. We are also moving at a much faster pace gaining economies of scale that can’t be replicated in the private market.”

Consumers Energy electric customers can get more information at: