Construction Continues on Saginaw County Animal Control Center

With an estimated opening in December 2022, work on the new Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center keeps chugging along.

The facility was proposed several years ago, as the current buidling housing animal control became inadequate for the needs of staff and the animals under their care. County taxpayers approved an $11.4 million tax increase for construction of a new shelter and care facility in 2018. However, much of the planning was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And Saginaw County Controller Robert Belleman says much of the work in deciding where to locate the facility also took time. After several sites were proposed and debated, Saginaw County Commissioners chose the location at 5641 Bay Rd. in Kochville Township.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the 23,000 square foot facility was held last October. Plans for the building include  larger kennels, feeding areas, laundry facilities, support spaces, a community education center, an on-site veterinary clinic, outdoor dog runs , and an innovative ventilation system to help maintain a sterile environment.