Common Medications Can Cause Impaired Driving

Alcohol and drugs aren’t the only things that can cause impairment while driving.

A national survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals many Americans admit to taking one or more potentially impairing medications before getting behind the wheel. The study focused on common medications such as antihistamines, cough medicines, antidepressants, prescription pain medicines, muscle relaxants, sleep aids and amphetamines. These medicines can cause nausea, sleepiness, blurred vision, slowed reaction time, and attention problems. While the side effects can vary by individual, the medications have the ability to reduce a person’s ability to drive safely. AAA Michigan is reminding drivers not to underestimate the risks of driving after using medications. Always read the warnings on over the counter medications and be responsible as if you had consumed alcohol by finding a designated driver.

Impaired driving, even with over the counter medication, can get you arrested.