Cody Beaver Presented Saginaw Firefighter of the Year

During the ceremony on October 10th, honoring firefighters who have served, the firefighter of the year award was presented. Cody Beaver received this special award for his behavior and actions over the coarse of many years.

Cody says knowing any other firefighter could’ve been chosen feels humbling receiving this award.  “I do believe I worked hard and this is gonna make work that much harder.  This is like I said the greatest job on the face of the earth and I continue to make it feel that way every day.”

As a crew, Cody says growing together as a team is a big part of the experience. Family and friends being there by your side helps keep a strong support system at challenging times. The award given out to Cody shows his heroic abilities as a firefighter. Other awards given out at the event include unit citation, life saving awards, certificate of merit, and more.