Is climate change a reality?

Photographed by Art Lewis

Are we, as humans inhabiting this earth, really capable of changing the climate?  Depends who you ask.

For some, actually many, the answer is yes.  That includes many scientists from many disciplines.  However the scientific community is not entirely unified in that view.  There are those who believe we are simply at the end of an ice age.  In other words, the weather pendulum is swinging at it’s extreme, nearing a point of reversal.

Personally, I believe we can have an effect on the earth’s climate.  The question is: To what degree?  I do not believe we can sway climate change to the extremes expressed by climate change proponents.  Sure, the industrial revolution began polluting the atmosphere. Most notably, the troposphere (the air we breath) and the stratosphere, directly above us.  Is it reasonable to believe that pockets of industrial pollution can have an impact on the entire planet’s weather systems?  Some say yes while others remain unsure.  I fall into the latter category.

The bottom line is we our all protectors of this earth.  We all should want to leave it a better place for future generations .  Does that mean we resort to the ways of our forefathers and head back to caves?  No.  It simply means that we should all do our part to pollute as little as possible.  It takes no time to recycle things like cardboard and most plastics.  It’s a positive step that costs nothing and takes very little time.  We should all keep our cars in tip top shape to reduce emissions, and so on.  I believe these to be reasonable steps that change very little in our daily lives.

I do not, however, believe we should keep piling on expensive rule after rule designed to stifle industry’s ability to produce goods and employ Americans.  We tend to get carried away we our approach to critical issues.  We tend to live at the extremes.  I believe there must be common ground in the middle that would satisfy both sides.  Most of the pollution now is audio pollution caused by both sides believing that shouting their position makes them right.  As is the case in so many issues facing us today, common sense is pushed aside by the extremes.



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