Cleanup Underway for Unknown Material In Flint River

Authorities have removed around 1,200 gallons of an unknown oil-like substance from the Flint River after a spill was reported June 25.

The substance was reported on the river in the area of James P. Cole Boulevard and Merrill Street near the former Buick City industrial complex in Flint. Michigan Spill Response, the Flint Fire Department, Sewer Department and Genesee County Hazardous Materials Team all responded to the area, placing three booms across the river to contain the spill, though the leak appears to have stopped. A permanent boom has been placed at the Utah Dam, with another to be placed between Merrill and Wood streets.

Authorities are still working to determine from where the spill orginated. Testing to determine the substance will take about a week or two, according to officials. The city of Flint says it is not impacting drinking water as they no longer get their water from the river. The spill marks the fourth such instance of contamination in the river over the past year.