Cleanup Continues After Shiawasse County Tornado, Residents Warned of Scammers

Residents of Perry in Shiawassee County continue to clean up their community after an EF-1 tornado swept through the area last Friday. T

he National Weather Service confirmed the twister that evening after it tore through the downtown area, damaging three public works buildings, trees and power lines. The town’s emergency siren did not go off as it was one of the first things damaged in the storm, according to city officials. No injuries were reported. The community has banded together as clean up efforts continue.

However, the Better Business Bureau is warning residents to beware of scammers trying to take advantage of the emergency. The organizations says to be especially wary of door to door contractors, Residents should ask to see their identification and look for any business information, and do not sign over any insurance checks, but pay the contractor diretly and ensure you receive an invoice.