Class Warfare Continues

When the Michigan Legislatures return to work, not only will they be tackling the fake pressing issue of voter fraud, but they’re going to double-down on their attack on the poor when they attempt to pass legislation requiring drug testing for welfare recipients.

I’m not one prone to be blunt about policy ideas, but this one is just plain dumb.  The Saginaw News reports:

(Republican State Representative Jim) Farrington’s bill would make drug testing a final determination of eligibility for cash assistance welfare benefits. Individuals who tested positive for substance abuse, or refused the test, would be ineligible for benefits.

Applicants who pass the test would have the cost of the test deducted from their first payment of cash assistance.

Farrington is getting the support Republican State Representative Jim Stamos of Midland, too, who’d like to declare war on the poor.

“My first thing is to make sure tax payers’ dollars are being spent, when they’re being used for the welfare program, that they go to individuals that need assistance. If you have individuals living an illegal lifestyle and abusing the system, that causes me concern. This is just one of those ways that would help taxpayers know their investment is going to someone who truly needs it and someone who is going to better themselves.”

Stamas said random, or spot, testing at the beginning of the program would be most cost effective, as testing every applicant or recipient would be too expensive.

Random drug testing.  Just like our founding fathers wanted.

It’s not just our state legislature that wants Big Government in the lives of other Michiganders.  The Michigan’s Department of Human Services is itching to start a drug-testing program, too!  The DHS says it has studied the issue and has created a plan that’s “feasible” for the state of Michigan.  The drug-testing plan would require, according to The Detroit News:

drug screening for individuals who receive aid from the Family Independence Program. That program provides financial support for pregnant women and low-income families with children.

Those who fail the screening — a process that could be as simple as questions asked on an application form — would be required to undergo mandatory drug testing.

So, if a Mom fails her drug test, the kids suffer.  Fantastic!  Sorry kids!  You picked the wrong Mom, I guess.

My favorite part of plan is where welfare recipients would have to pay for their own testing!  That’s right!  You lazy people who can’t find jobs not only have to go through the unconstitutional and humiliating act of getting drug tested, but YOU have to pay for it!

The DHS’s pilot program assures us that it will only single-out those people deemed suspicious.  Does that mean anyone who listens to 2-Pac or Pink Floyd will be the likely candidates?

Now, to administer a drug-testing program would require someone to test the sample; thereby requiring qualified people to administer the test, examine the samples, and report on said samples.  That means the state would have to hire qualified individuals to fill those positions.

But, I thought government doesn’t create jobs?

I’ve been watching loads of presidential politics to the detriment of my brain cells lately, and I’ve been hearing how President Obama’s economic policies have failed to lift this country out of the Great Recession.  So, millions of Americans are having a rough time finding good-paying jobs–or just any job–during the last three years due to Obama’s failed policies.  Naturally, we should drug test welfare recipients?

Other states, like Florida, started drug-testing poor people needing financial assistance earlier this year.  However, a federal judge issued an injunction halting Florida’s program.  During the four month period that Florida drug-tested its welfare eligible citizens, only 2.5 percent of applicants tested positive.

2.5%.  That’s it?

And now, federal politicians are getting in the act of declaring war on the poor.  Republicans in Congress have proposed similar legislation.

Attacking the poor is a time-honored tradition in this country.  Why?  Because poor people don’t have the means to buy their politicians unlike their wealthy counterparts.  Plus, this is such a great issue to divide the middle-and-poor classes.  The elites want you to blame those other people for your problems.  Don’t look at how 30 years of a failed economic theory based on tax-cuts has stalled this country.  Don’t look at how disastrous trade deals have cost millions of American jobs.  Don’t look at how the finance industry received trillions in bailout money to ensure that CEO’s received their plush golden parachutes.

No, blame the lazy rabble of this country for the condition of both our state and our nation’s slow recovery.

You know what?  I might be willing to go along with this complete abuse of governmental control on one condition: that our state legislators must subject themselves to the same drug-testing requirement.  Similar to welfare recipients, my tax dollars pay the salaries of all of those elitist state legislators.  Don’t I have the right to know how my tax dollars are being spent by these high-and-mighty state representatives?

What about all state officials?  Shouldn’t they all be subject to drug-testing, too?

How about congressmen and senators?  How about people who work for companies that receive government subsidies like the oil and gas industry?

How about the aforementioned bankers who got bailed-out by you and I?

Who am I kidding?  Drug testing the rich and the powerful?

Silly Pat.

UPDATE: Click below to hear my rant on today’s First Day show on WSGW!!!




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