Clare Man Charged in Separate Assault Incidents

A Clare man was arriagned in Manistee County on Wednesday for threatening to kill workers at a job site in Maple Grove Township.

Police say on November 20, 47-year-old Charles Sensing approached a crew working next to property he clamed was his and accused them of defecating on the property. He had a rifle slung over his shoulder, according to police, and allegedly threatened to kill them all and burn down their rig. Police later determined the property in question did not actually belong to Sensing. He was arrested December 28.

In a separate incident on August 7, police say Sensing threatened an Amish family in a buggy on Healy Lake Road, also in Manistee County. The family had left church services and was traveling along the road when police say Sensing approached them with a large knife and warned them not to use that road. Police say in an interview with them later, Sensing admitted to having a dislike of Amish people.

Sensing is currently being held in the Manistee County Jail on a combined $12,500 bond for both incidents. He is charged with ethnic intimidation and assault in the first case and assault, brandishing a firearm in public and disturbing workers in the second.