Tips from other fishermen led Michigan Department of Natural Resouces conservation officers to ticket a Gladwin man for over-fishing on Gladwin County’s Lake Lancer.

DNR officers spoke with the suspected man twice in one day while he was at the lake. The second contact led to a voluntary search of the man’s garage freezers, where officers discovered a significant number of panfish. The ticket issued was for illegally taking more than 1,400 panfish.

Conservation officers confiscated the fish, which will be donated to a local food bank or church once they are no longer needed as evidence and issued the angler a ticket.

If you witness or suspect a natural resource violation, the DNR asks that you call or text the Report All Poaching hotline, available 24/7, at 800-292-7800. There’s more information about the work of Michigan’s conservation officers at

source: Michigan DNR