▶ Watch Video: Chelsea Clinton on new book, motherhood and evolving relationship with her mother

Author and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton says she wrote her latest children’s book based on real conversations within her family. Titled “Welcome to the Big Kids Club,” the book aims to teach older kids about their new younger siblings.

“Our first two were 4 and 3 and had so many questions about the new baby,” Clinton told “CBS Mornings.” “And still the conversation just continued after, you know, Jasper was home. I finally thought: ‘We can’t be the only family who are having these conversations.'”

Clinton, who is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton, advises parents who are expecting another child to be honest and to listen to their children’s questions and concerns so that they “feel like this is a family decision, this is a family kind of journey of our family being expanded.”

The mother of three says parents should be “candid about what we know and what we don’t know and what we’re going to discover together about our new baby.”

She described her own mother as a “very hands on” grandmother, and said she provides plenty of advice to her. 

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘thank you so much,’ sometimes I’m like ‘that was circa 1980,'” Clinton said.

But nonetheless, Clinton said she has “such a good relationship” with her mother. 

Clinton and her mother recently worked together on a docu-series called “Gutsy,” based on their novel “The Book of Gutsy Women.” The eight-episode show, which premiered last week, features conversations with an array of different women who inspire them. 

“I am so proud of what we’ve done with ‘Gutsy,’ and had had so much fun working with her as an adult,” Clinton said. “It just candidly felt like such a gift to be able to do that during COVID, to spend this really special time together when I know so many families were separated. We got to be able to do this work together. It was just a joy producing every day.”