Three longtime Saginaw businesses have announced changes and challenges recently. First, The Stable, a ski, snowboard and bike shop that operated in Saginaw’s Old Town for 47 before closing last February, will be reopening under new ownership. A Flint Township-based company, Shumaker’s Ski and Snowboard, announced plans to reopen the site as “Shumaker’s at the The Stable.” The opening is planned for November. The building, at 300 S. Hamilton, was used as a livery stable in the 1800s.

A Saginaw Township business that’s been open for 90 years has announced it’s closing for good. McDonald Nursery Garden Center at 1019 N. Center Rd. is closing due to retirement. The store is already holding a sale to clear out merchandise, and will also sell displays and fixtures. The business has said it will continue to run a lawn spray service.

McDonald Nursery Garden Center (photo by Bill Hewitt)

In downtown Saginaw, the Savoy Bar & Grill at 127 S. Franklin is reaching out for help to stay in business. Falling behind on sales use and withholding taxes as the owners have tried to repay loans, Steve West and Jim Atwood have started a GoFundMe page as they look to raise $60,000 to catch up on a deepening debt.

The Savoy (photo by Ric Antonio)

The Savoy is known as a downtown Saginaw landmark, and for giving back to the community with fundraisers and free Thanksgiving dinners. To make a donation to The Savoy, visit