CDC Investigating Death of Saginaw Teen Days After Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

According to the Saginaw County Health Department, the death of a 13 year old boy who died on June 17th has led to a federal investigation three days after he received his second COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Health department officials did not say which version of the vaccine the boy received or if he had any underlying health conditions, but a local medical examiner has reviewed the boy’s death.

The state health department filed notification with the CDC and Prevention Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, starting investigation as to whether the boy’s death was caused directly by the vaccine.

In the meantime; the Saginaw County Health Department doesn’t expect immediate answers about the boy’s death from the CDC, but continues to encourage families to speak with their physician about the risks and benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine as Delta variant cases become prevalent nationwide and more of a danger to anyone who remains unvaccinated.