▶ Watch Video: CBS meteorologist brings adorable baby on-air for forecast

A meteorologist from CBS Milwaukee affiliate WDJT is going viral for a sweet on-air moment. Rebecca Schuld’s 13-week-old baby made a special appearance during her mom’s weather forecast last week. 

Schuld knew baby Fiona would be perfectly behaved during the broadcast, which forecasted subzero temperatures.

“She’s prepared. She’s got one of her good thick blankies here for that cold weather that’s coming up tonight,” Schuld said during the forecast. “I thought she could help me with tonight’s first weather that’s going to be plenty unpleasant, right?”

“She’s fairly indifferent about tonight’s forecast,” the meteorologist added. 

After the segment aired, Schuld tweeted about her baby being “busy making the airwaves.”

“We’re shining a light on what real life actually looks like, trying to do it all & how Covid has changed the way we conduct work. And we’re crushing it every day,” Schuld wrote

The meteorologist and one of her coworkers, Justin Thompson-Gee, brought their children on-air once again on Wednesday to discuss parenting during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I’m so tired,” Schuld said. “This little baby likes to wake up every few hours.”

Watch the segment below.