Carrollton Township Man Accused of Threatening Teen in Seattle

A search warrant issued for a Carrollton Township man resulted in his arrest Wednesday.

Police say Eric Hartman threatened a 14-year-old Seattle teen over the internet after she refused to continue sending him sexually explicit photos and videos. Hartman allegedly began contact with the girl when she was 12 over social media, convincing her to send the material. However, police say the girl eventually blocked him from her social media. Accordin to police, Hartman threatened to fly out to Seattle to sexually assault the girl if she didn’t continue sending him photos and videos. Police say he even bought a plane ticket from Saginaw to Seattle, but it isn’t clear if he actually used it.

Hartman also is accused of sending the sexually explicit material to the girl’s mother, criticizing the woman for allowing the behavior to take place. The family contacted the FBI in April.

Police say digital evidence seized from his home on Wednesday supports the girl’s claims. He has a court hearing next week and is currently in federal custody.