Cargo Freighter Freed After Being Stuck in the Saginaw River

A shipping freighter ran aground in the Saginaw River in Bay City Thursday, October 21.

Coast Guard officials say the Calumet, a 630-foot freighter hauling 19,000 tons of limestone and 96,000 gallons of diesel fuel, was pushed by high winds around 8:00 p.m., causing the ship to veer off course and become stuck in the river bottom near the Great Lake State Railway bridge. The position of the ship and the bridge prevented the ship from moving from that location, partially blocking the river.

The Coast Guard set up a 500 yard safety zone while crews worked to free the ship. No hazardous materials were detected in the water around the freighter. The ship was freed from the ground Friday morning and has continued its trek up the river.


Correction: This article has been update to change the date of the incident to Thursday, October 21, not Friday, October 22, as originally reported.