Cannabis Lounges Coming to Bay City

The city of Bay City has approved a proposal to allow canniabis consumption lounges.

The proposal will allow licenses for up to five businesses for the public consumption of cannabis and cannabis products like edibles. Currently, there are cannabis lounges in only two other Michigan communities, Hazel Park and Kalkaska.

The Bay City Commission recently approved the proposal in a 6-2 vote. Currently, the city has more than 100 grower licenses and 50 dispensary licenses. Opponents of the proposal say there is too much proliferation of the drug in the city, citing concerns from parents. However, the lounges would only be available to patrons at least 21 years of age and no alcohol would be allowed on the premises.

Supporters of the proposal say it’s an idea whose time has come, especially as there are plenty of places one can go to buy and consume alcoholic drinks.

The city is currently accepting applications for the licenses.