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California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday unveiled a $12 billion plan to tackle the state’s homeless crisis, an integral part of his proposed $100 billion California Comeback Plan, CBS Los Angeles reports. The homeless crisis proposal would invest nearly $9 billion in specific housing projects and billions more in services, such as mental health, to support people coming out of homelessness.

Newsom’s proposal comes after the state allocated less than $1 billion on homelessness last year, according to CBS LA.

“This is an order of magnitude investment into transforming the homeless crisis in the state of California, to one of America’s most enlivening stories with the support and examples of people who are demonstrable proof that homelessness can end in our society,” Newsom said during a stop in San Diego County.

The plan was applauded by Los Angeles City councilmen Mark Ridley-Thomas and Kevin de Leon.

The plan “will mean the difference between having a home and sleeping on the street for thousands of Angelenos,” de Leon said.

However, Republicans Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego, and John Cox, who are both challenging Newsom in the upcoming recall election were both less than impressed.

“Homelessness has skyrocketed by 10,000 people since Gavin Newsom took office,” Faulconer said. “No amount of money will solve this crisis without a leader who has the political will to buck the status quo and take bold actions to get people off the streets and indoors to receive the help they need.”