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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was injured during a pick-up basketball game with his staff Tuesday and was taken to an emergency room in Milwaukee Tuesday, on the eve of the first Republican presidential primary debate, according to a source familiar with his injury and a campaign source.

He spent several hours in the emergency room to treat a leg injury, according to a source close to Burgum, and he is seeing whether he’s capable of getting on his feet.

Burgum’s injury may have an effect on his debate plans Wednesday night. He will be going to the debate walk-through and, according to the source, “hopefully” will be able to participate.

“He has every intention of doing everything he can do to be there and will be at the walk-through today,” the source said.

CNN first reported Burgum’s injury.

Burgum, in order to meet the donor threshold set by the Republican National Committee, offered donors $20 gift cards for $1 donations. The first debate required candidates to collect 40,000 individual donors, with at least 200 unique donors per state, as well as poll at 1% in three RNC-sanctioned polls, or 1% in two other national polls and two polls from key states. 

Kathryn Watson contributed to this report.