“The Collected Works of Jim Morrison,” published by Harper Design, is a new anthology featuring poetry, lyrics, artwork and journals by the frontman of The Doors, Jim Morrison (1943-1971).

Harper Design

In addition to a nearly-600-page book compiled from materials in the Jim Morrison Archive, Harper is also releasing a CD/digital download audio version that contains recorded performances of Morrison’s works by Patti Smith, Oliver Ray, Liz Phair and Tom Robbins, among others.

The audio book also features, available for the first time, Morrison’s final poetry reading, recorded at the Village Recorder in West Los Angeles on December 8, 1970 – his 27th birthday.

Listen to an excerpt below, along with a transcript; and don’t miss John Blackstone’s report on Jim Morrison, his cultural impact, and the production of this new anthology on “CBS Sunday Morning” August 8!

Click on the link or the audio player below to hear Jim Morrison read “Whiskey & Mystics & Men.” from The Village Recorder Tapes (1970)

My name is the Holy Shay
I come to town this day
to tell my story to the Judge
Judge, Judge, Judge, Judge
the man is not wanted here.
Come to our house, say the Manderino
and tell us why it is you stray so near
And why you run away fast & come back slow

In the middle of the sun
In the middle of the day
When even an idiot goes indoors
The sun sucks snakes
Into its eye
What do the dead do
When they die?

Airplane in the starry night
First fright
Forest follow free
I love thee
Watch how I love thee 

Have you forgotten
the lessons
of the ancient war

Keep opening doors
in the party skull.
The tunnel of Love.
Strangle the women,
voices, one by one 

“Sing to your Daddy
in the house of suede”

Funeral bells are ringing
cemetery deer are singing

Cypress trees of Monterey
The cool wines of disorder

Calmly, looking back
growing slowly

I want the kiss of war
to unnerve the nation
Demand transfer
to another station

The Politics of ecstasy are real
Can’t you feel them working
thru you
Turning night into day
Mixing sun w/the sea.

& Gentlemen of doubt
shout your warnings
to the women of Crete
who have no need for meat
Sweet sacred meat
Come out! Come out!
& eat


Excerpt from “The Collected Works of Jim Morrison: Poetry, Journals, Transcripts and Lyrics,” ℗ & © 2021 HarperCollinsPublishers. Excerpted with permission by HarperCollins.

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