Boil Water Advisory Issued In Saginaw County

BOIL YOUR WATER BEFORE USING Due to a drop in pressure in the Bridgeport Charter Township Taymouth Township Albee Township Buena Vista Township water supply, bacterial contamination may have occurred in the water system. Bacteria are generally not harmful and are common throughout our environment. Corrective measures are currently being undertaken to correct the situation

What should I do? DO NOT DRINK THE WATER WITHOUT BOILING IT FIRST. Bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute, and let it cool before using, or use bottled water. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and preparing food. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water. Continue using boiled or bottled water until further notice

What happened? What is being done? These precautionary actions are being taken due to the loss of water pressure in the water distribution system caused by an issue with the City of Saginaw Water Treatment Plant on May 23, 2021. Whenever a water system loses pressure for any significant length of time, precautionary measures are recommended

The Bridgeport Township Taymouth Township Albee Township Buena Vista Township is working to get pressure restored, and water staff will be taking other remedial actions such as flushing and collecting bacteriological samples from around the system. The samples will be collected to determine that the water quality meets the state drinking water standards. We will inform you when tests show no bacteria and you no longer need to boil your water. We anticipate resolving the problem within (estimated time frame]. 

This boil water notice shall remain in effect until results from the sampling verify the water is safe to drink. Customers will be advised when the boil water advisory has been lifted

For more information, please contact of Bridgeport Township at (9892801096) Taymouth Township at (9892952142) Albee Township at (9897371969) Buena Vista Township (989 7546536). General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from the United States Environmental Protection Agencys Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1(800) 4264791