The Bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw, Robert Gruss has issued some thoughts on the Advent season. Bishop Gruss says
If we look around, we already see the external signs of Christmas. The ongoing preparation for Christmas has already begun and will certainly try to draw us away from the “slowing down” to which Advent invites us. The readings for the First Sunday of Advent set the tone for what this season is about. It is not about waiting in check-out lines as on Black Friday, but about another kind of waiting— a hopeful waiting— a preparedness and a vigilance.
Bishop Gruss goes on to say As we survey the plight of our own world, we too can acknowledge the sinfulness of our society. We see corporate greed. We see a narcissism that is characterized by an unhealthy self-absorption; we see a world that defines self-worth by achievement rather than belief in one’s value as a child of God; we see a world living in fear, the coronavirus pandemic still at large; we see more and more people living in poverty; we see more and more of an intolerance of others. More people find themselves in depression and misery than ever before.
But Bishop Gruss says there is great hope and trust and faith as Advent season begins.

You can hear the Bishops comments in their entirety here: