Bird E-Scooters Coming to Midland

A new way to travel around midland will soon be available, after approval from city officials.

100 Bird E-Scooters will very soon be available to riders looking to make their way around the Downtown area, Northwood University campus, and eventually the Center City area and DOW Corporate site.

Jeff DeHaven, CEO of Digital Mitten Marketing, who helped campaign and organize volunteers for the scooter program, says he couldn’t be happier to help bring a more ecological travel option to his hometown.

He adds says since it’s being brought to a number of areas around Midland, including Northwood University’s campus; why not make it a chance for student growth with internships and jobs?

To apply for intern, job, and volunteer positions, he says those interested can visit for more information.

The scooters can go up to 15 miles per hour and be used on trails, bike lanes, on the side of roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less, and sidewalks if needed… but will be prohibited on the Pere Marquette Rail Trail (due to already-heavy usage) and outside the specified Geo-Fenced area.

Riders must be 18 or older and can register on the Bird e-scooter app for more information or to set up a ride session when they become available.