Seeing bears isn’t uncommon for residents of the city of Arcadia in Los Angeles County, but what some saw Sunday upset many of them. 

A large bear, which neighbors said was a regular in the area, was spotted resting inside a backyard around noon Sunday with an arrow sticking out of it, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Injured bear in Arcadia backyard.


It was tough to see and hear for Ernie Camacho.

“When we saw the bear initially laying on the front lawn, it was probably 25-30 feet from us and he was helpless. He laid on his side, he perched his head up to look at us and, almost as though asking for help, he lifted his paw up, which was the most heart-wrenching thing,” Camacho said. “The arrow was probably, well I couldn’t tell how large the arrow was but it (had) penetrated.”   

It wasn’t clear how it happened.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife told CBS L.A. the bear was probably shot at a local bow hunting area that’s permitted in California through the Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) program. 

Camacho said that after a while, the bear got up and gingerly lumbered a few blocks away to another yard. 

But it was clear: The bear was in serious pain.

Camacho wondered how anyone could hurt an animal and leave it to die.

“The bear was obviously in pain and in fact when we lost him in the brush, we could hear him moan, which was very sad,” Camacho said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Fish and Wildlife told CBS L.A. the department would respond if it appears the bear is a threat to people or pets.