Bay Future kicked off a 2.5 Million dollar economic development plan Wednesday.

President and CEO of Bay Future Trevor Keyes introduced the plan as a way to bring new business to Bay County, while increasing support for businesses already in the area.

He says the plan is a big partnership between already established businesses and community leaders.


Co-Chairs Clarence Sevillian and Peter Shaheen went through steps of the five-part five-year plan:

-drive existing businesses in the county to grow

-drive new businesses to come to the area

-providing locations and sites for new businesses looking to start from the ground up

-motivate workforce growth

-increase communication between regional and local efforts


Bay Future Partners were asked to share the amount already raised towards the $2.5M budget goal (Photo Credit- Ric Antonio; WSGW)


They added said it would cost $2.5 million dollars to enact…

…but then shared Bay Future and local partners have already raised $1.3 million of the needed funds.

Keyes said the plan is a great way for established partners to collaborate to grow the business base, while growing the wage base in Bay County.