Bay City’s State Theatre to be Sold

Bay City’s State Theatre has gone up for sale. The theater’s Board of Directors has been embroiled in controversy since last year, starting with reports certain musical artists like

Rick Springfield and Joan Jett hadn’t gotten paid for their performances in 2022. The theater’s COO, Mike Bacigalupo, was removed from the theater as well as a number of other positions in city organizations, and is currently under investigation for his alleged role of mismanaging theater funds. In March, the theater filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Documents show the theater in debt to several organizations, most of which comes in the form of an $800,000 dollar loan from the Bay County Growth Alliance. That loan is currently being contested.

As of yesterday, the marquee of the theater announced the building for sale, which will be handled by realtor Frank Janca. There are currently no details on how much the building will be sold for or when it will be listed.